Custom Sale Proposal Request Form.

The AMP Marketing Team is happy to help you build a proposal or create a multi-location contract for a scheduled sit down follow up appointment or a webinar/go-to-meeting with an owner, marketing officer, or board of directors at a large potential client.

You should only request a proposal if:
1) Your potential customer has at least four locations OR is a unique client due to the size of the potential shoot, the unique characteristics of the location in question, or the significant sales influence the location might have on other sales in your territory.
2) You have a sit-down or virtual meeting with the decision maker scheduled. Custom sales proposals should not be delivered over email unless otherwise approved.

Available to request:
1) Custom Sales Proposal – This is typically the first step in an enterprise sale. This will be a PPT slide deck with product information and results from a similar business to the potential enterprise client. These proposals are currently available for all digital products.
2) Multi-Location Contract – These are contracts specifically made for businesses with more than four locations. These can also be requested without a formal presentation beforehand if you’ve already agreed on terms with the decision maker. These contracts are available for all digital products and AMP Bundles.

If you have any questions about your request or need a proposal for an enterprise client with unique circumstances and fewer than four locations, please email
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