Career SuccessAug 24, 2023

AMPlified Success: Vanessa Walker

Meet Vanessa Walker, Digital Assistant District Manager for South TN Digital, and read about her career journey at AMP.

My journey with AMP started in April of 2022. I came across AMP on a LinkedIn job posting, and I was immediately attracted to the opportunity to work with small businesses to help grow my community. I have a background in Human Resource Management and Marketing, so I love helping, referring, and connecting people! When I first moved to the Huntsville area about 5 years ago, I always complained that I didn’t know the community well enough and wanted to spend time to get to know my local area. This job has rewarded me with that opportunity and so much more!

During the last year, I have seen lots of success. I joined the company as a Field Sales Representative, and have been promoted three times since from Senior Digital Rep, to Mentorship Manager, and now, Assistant District Manager. I was also the Rep of the Region in May 2022, and ended that year as the Field Rookie of the Year for 2022! I am very proud of my growth, and I have loved the recognition and support that is given to everyone here at AMP on a daily basis.

Not only have I been able to expand within my role at AMP, but our Market has been growing very strong as well. I love the opportunity to see local business owners grow alongside our company. One of my many aspirations is to continue to see our district and market grow. We have a great team that is continually achieving big goals month-over-month, so I know that those aspirations are possible!

I have a lot of fond memories from over the last year, but what I am the most proud of is the relationships I have been building with my team. We all have an infinite drive and passion for what we do, and are so supportive of one another and each other’s accomplishments. I am so grateful for each and every one of my team members and leaders, and have learned so much from them. From Christian Houston, our Digital District Manager for South TN Digital, I’ve really learned to believe in myself and have confidence in every sales call. And Paul Crossnine, Mentorship Manager, has instilled in me the importance of slowing down and connecting with business owners to help stay empowered in my conversations. From Forrest Hale, Mentorship Manager, I have learned to just go for it and create habits that help me to put in work daily to create results! Those are just a small few of the amazing people on my team who have positively impacted my journey, but all of my teammates have helped me grow in one way or another. I can’t wait to see how we keep growing and what we are able to accomplish!

Forrest Hale, Mentorship Manager, shared this about Vanessa,

“Vanessa is one of the greatest and most genuine people I’ve ever met! She is fierce and has a work ethic like no one I’ve met. She doesn’t settle for less than her best, and I believe that If we had more folks like her, the world would be a better place!”


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