PromotionsAug 22, 2022

Amy Fabrizius Promoted to Senior Hiring Manager

Congratulations to Amy Fabrizius on her promotion to Senior Hiring Manager!

Amy joined AMP in November of 2021 looking for a big change in her life. Amy is a graduate of Carroll University with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and holds her Masters of Science in Kinesiology and Recreation from Illinois State University. Prior to coming to AMP Amy worked in Pediatric Sports Medicine. Amy loved helping patients get back to their normal life. She would listen to each patient to figure out what was happening, and then would recommend a plan for each one to get back to health. Which is really close to the same thing that we do in recruiting. We listen to candidates and suggest a career that will help them accomplish their goals!

Amy’s previous experience has made her the perfect addition to the Digital Inside Sales Recruiting Team. She quickly has found success in attracting new talent to AMP. In fact one of her first hires was Rookie All-Star Mikayla Kutil in January of this year. Amy has continued to add new rookies to the team such as Sanna Malecki, Davita Monaghan, Nicole Sylvester, and our very own Vince Tirado of the Recruiting team. Amy has brought in over 650,000 this year and helped hundreds of small business owners along the way.

Amy is no stranger to the hard work that small business owners must put in each and every day. Her very first job was working for the Sycamore Speedway in her family’s small business. Her grandparents are the owners of the speedway. Amy would spend her summers working in nearly every area on the weekend alongside her family. She would sell programs to visitors, and help sell concessions. Amy has taken all she’s learned in her family’s small business and helped her boyfriend Zach run his local gym as well. Her passion for local small businesses and AMP has overflown into her work and she continues to share the mission of AMP and bring more talent to the business to help more local family-owned companies.

Amy and her boyfriend Zach live in Sycamore, IL with their Golden Retriever Waylon. They enjoy all things outdoors from hiking to rock climbing, water sports, and fishing. She has traveled this summer to spend time with her family in the north woods and even to Alabama for a weekend out in nature. Amy and Zach have been working hard to restore a bus and transition it to a living space so that they can continue to adventure outdoors.

Congratulations, Amy, on this well-deserved promotion!

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