PromotionsDec 15, 2021

Erin Norin Promoted to District Manager for the WI/IL Digital District!

Congratulations to Erin Norin on her promotion to District Manager for WI/IL Digital District!

This is Erin’s second promotion announcement since September when she first became an Assistant District Manager.  When Erin first joined AMP, she immediately jumped into the spotlight compiling monthly averages of $12,495 in sales distributed amongst our two most commonly sold digital products with $6,972 OPTIMA/Text per month and $5,523 GSV per month.   She successfully completed her first project of Janesville, WI closing 39 in-town digital sales.  Her consistent success and commitment to person growth has translated to a #17 companywide overall ranking amongst digital reps and #5 overall amongst rookies hired in 2021.   Erin has exceed $10,000 in total sales every month since her first full month of July!

While showcasing consistently strong personal sales success, she’s honed the skills necessary to become a great leader as AMP – the ability to show our work to others.  She’s sold over $4,000 on training days with her reps and over $7,000 on mentorship days with new candidates considering joining our team.

Before AMP, Erin spent years in the health and wellness field.  She worked in every healthcare setting from corporate spas on cruise ships to small, family-owned physical therapy clinics. A great deal of Erin’s connection to our work was from her experiences running her own business for over a decade as a health coach, yoga teacher and movement therapist.  In 2018, Erin relocated from Cedar Falls, Iowa to the Madison, Wisconsin area. She spent three years working as a local blood bank coordinator. It was fun and interesting work, however, due to the pandemic she needed to go in a different direction.

Erin knows the importance of being disciplined with the key fundamentals of success at AMP.  Every day she strives to maximize each opportunity with her sales. She invests in AM Success Calls, is a positive light on the region’s WhatsApp & she commits to daily self-development via podcasts and audiobooks. Her peers view her as a positive, hardworking talented sales professional who is always pushing herself and inspiring others around her. She most recently added “LDP panelist” to her AMP resume with an inspiring presentation on the book, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.


To best capture the character and the person that Erin is, here are some endorsements:

“I knew from our first conversation that Erin was an exceptional person! She is driven, genuine, and passionate about helping others. Erin ran her own business for many years and saw what ineffective marketing can do. She really values how important AMP’s mission is for the local communities. Erin plays a huge role in training within her team and is always taking on opportunities to have new candidates shadow what a day in the sales field looks like. Erin, I am so proud of you and excited for this incredible next step! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!” –Ashley Joyce

“Erin is overall an amazing person and such a hard worker. I always look forward to our training days because she does an amazing job at helping me build my confidence in the sales field. Erin always has an amazing attitude and makes the sales days so enjoyable. If I ever need help or have questions Erin does a great job at answering them thoroughly in a timely manner.” – Avry Schad

“When I interviewed Erin, I knew she would fit in really well at AMP. Erin shares a big belief and passion for small business owners & her enthusiasm transfers in each interaction she has with them. She has an incredible work ethic – her persistence and determination to win for customers & teammates alike lends to consistent Golden Hours partnership training & sales commitments each week. She’s a dynamic leader who will carry the spirit of ambition, hard work across the key launch markets between Madison WI and Rockford IL.” –Melinda Huza


Erin lives in Edgerton WI. Her husband, Steve is employed as a Land Surveyor at the reputable RH Batterman firm. Her daughter, Zoe attends school at Edgerton Middle School and her son, Dylan is at the Edgerton High School. Her kids are both active in sports. Currently, Dylan is in wrestling and Zoe is in swimming so weekends are usually spent attending wrestling matches and swim meets. Whenever possible, they are on the water. Better yet, IN the water. They love paddling, swimming, camping, hiking, geocaching, disc golf…anything that gets us outside and playing together. They love living in Rock County and have set a goal to purchase a home on the water in the Fall of 2022.

Congratulations, Erin, on this well-deserved promotion!

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