PromotionsSep 07, 2021

Devin Stukel Promoted to Assistant District Manager for Central Region

Congratulations to Devin Stukel on his promotion to Assistant District Manager for the Central Region!

In his new role, Devin will be training and developing his teammates throughout the Central Region once a week! Everyone that has interacted with Devin knows he carries himself as a leader. He’s always enthusiastic, genuine, and holds himself accountable.

Most of our AMP Family knows Devin’s unique success story as he started his career just before the federally mandated shutdowns due to the pandemic. His commitment to this career path and the genuine desire to help small business owners kept him going as he studied and worked on his craft. As soon as the state of Indiana allowed businesses to open their doors back up, the flood gates opened for Devin. His almost surgical approach to working his first project of Granger/Mishawaka, IN, birthed his nickname “Doc Stukel”.

Fast forward to just 17 months later and Devin is earning his fourth promotion and is now our Assistant District Manager. No coincidence that Devin is coming off the best month of his AMP career! He had the pedal to the metal and finished with over 20 accounts, $18,694 in OPTIMA™/Text, and $24,609 in total sales. My favorite thing about Devin is he truly inspires everyone he talks to, whether it’s a teammate, a small business owner, or someone at our home office. Everyone that interacts with Devin feels like they just got a B-12 shot. Candidates that spend time in the field on an observation day with him are immediately drawn to the incredible opportunity we provide at AMP. This promotion was not only earned through great sales performance but the genuine good person that Devin is. He always has the best intentions and is truly a selfless teammate.

Devin’s family history speaks to who he is and is an incredible story. His strong character, determination, and positive attitude can be connected to his grandmother. She was an amazing person that started with nothing but a dream to create a life for herself and her four daughters. As a single parent, she moved to the United States and created success out of thin air and poured her infectious positivity into everyone she encountered. Her memory is one of the big motivators for Devin, and we know he makes her proud everyday!

Outside of work Doc Stukel is very adventurous, so it’s no wonder that he enjoys outside sales. He is extremely active in all aspects of life and enjoys camping, hiking, game design, dancing, and cooking in his spare time.

I asked our VP Brian Franczak to share his thoughts on Devin and this is what he had to say:

“Devin has always carried himself with humility, appreciation, and gratitude from day one. Pair that with his strong work ethic and servant leadership and you get exponential growth from the region. I’ve noticed that anyone that talks to Devin leaves the conversation happier, stronger, and more enthusiastic about life! It’s an honor to work for Devin. This promotion to expand his leadership influence across our entire Central Region will be a game changer for all.”

Congratulations, Devin, on this well-deserved promotion!

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing