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Krysten Wharton Appears as Guest on Paigncast Podcast: Talks AMP & Her Career in Sales

Krysten Wharton, Senior Assistant District Manager, recently appeared on The Paigncast, a podcast all about the people doing great things in the Urbana-Champaign, Illinois area. Krysten is well known throughout AMP for her positive attitude, willingness to learn, and her ability to foster connections with her customers. Krysten’s interview on The Paigncast gives a fun insight into her education, goals, and career at AMP!

Watch below to see Krysten’s interview on The Paigncast — Krysten starts talking all things AMP around 15:55!

Continue reading for our Q & A on Krysten’s experience on the Paigncast and her career in sales!

Q: How did you end up as a guest on The Paigncast?

  • Austin and I have a lot of mutual friends, and connected on social media a couple years ago. We had never met in person because of schedules, but he’s a great guy! We always like or comment on each other’s posts about the things we are doing within the community. One day we were talking and he asked me to be on The Paigncast and I was so flattered. It’s such a unique story, but it’s awesome to see how much he supports businesses in our city and loved every moment of chatting with him.

Q: What was the experience like being interviewed?

  • It was a really surreal but cool experience for me. Having stepped away from broadcasting after completing my degree, I have not had a chance to get behind a mic or in front of a camera in many years. It was like riding a bike though.

Q: Is this the first time you’ve appeared as a guest on a podcast?

  • This is the first time I have done anything like this. I did things for Eastern Illinois University when I was completing my degree, and I had my own radio show- but the radio show was 10 years ago. I was very nervous, but it turned out great.

Q: How does your Broadcast Journalism degree positively impact your career at AMP?

  • I have always just been able to talk to people. I’ve met and interviewed some really amazing people along the way. I just treat people as I would want to be treated, and find common ground. I’m also a very inquisitive person, so I have found that being able to ask questions in a way that makes the individual feel comfortable comes naturally to me.

Q: What’s your favorite part of having a sales career?

  • Every day is different. I learn so much about businesses and that is really cool to me. I also have become very close with a lot of my customers. Just the other day I had a slight issue with my car and I wasn’t in the town I live in. I took it to one of my customers, and he was so happy to help me out because I have helped him out before.

Q: How has your career evolved since you started with AMP?

  • There are no words. A little over 2 years and four promotions is just insane to me. If I had to pick,  I would say watching new talent come in, and being able to help them evolve and hit their goals is one of my favorite parts. I went from being the new girl to almost everyone knowing my name. Training days push me to be better when I’m out in the field because I know so many look up to me, I want to just always lead by example for them.

Q: What’s your proudest accomplishment in your career?

  • This is hard hahaha. I would say being the #2 rookie in 2019 and winning President’s Achievement Award that year too. I remember being stressed (but in a good way) because I was pushing myself so hard. My parents sacrificed a lot for me growing up, so being able to take my mom on her first trip to Mexico and having dinner with the Abe our CEO there was amazing. I mean Abe is a big deal around here!

Q: Is there a piece of advice you’ve been given by a mentor that you use in your career? Is there any advice you give to help new sales reps?

  • To be thankful and grateful for every opportunity. We have people in the company who are moving to different parts of the company to help grow and expand in different areas, that is really cool. While I am not moving any time soon I love seeing that for my coworkers. I travel to different parts of the state, and meet really incredible people who work so hard. I’ve always wanted to learn and grow in all aspects of life and this career has allowed me to do that. I stood next to a horse (which I have always been terrified of) for the first time- like how cool is that?

Q: What’s your motivation?

  • I talk about my little sister Jordyn on the morning call all the time. She’s such a smart young lady. I just want to be a good role model for her. My parents and my grandfather all helped shape who I was a young adult, and being able to do that for her has been some of the proudest moments in life. My fiancé and I also have big dreams as well. Family is everything to me.

Congratulations, Krysten, on your many accomplishments and continuing to #BBTTY!

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