PromotionsJul 15, 2020

Krysten Wharton Promoted to Mentorship Manager for the Central Region

Congratulations to Krysten Wharton for her promotion to Mentorship Manager for the Central Region/Southern, Illinois market!


Krysten joined AMP June 17th last year and just celebrated her first anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been only one year as Krysten’s impact and growth ascension is synonymous with the very elite of our AMP. Krysten’s impact extends much deeper than her incredible sales performance, she is that person that will always leave you smiling and uplifted. If you haven’t personally met Krysten, you have been impacted by her voice through her participation and leadership on our Morning Success Calls, and our companywide Lunch N Learns. For all those that have meet Krysten you have seen that gleaming smile from the stage at our 2020 All Company Kick Off Meeting in January as she was awarded the high honor of 2019 #2 Rookie Of The Year and being medaled for earning our highly coveted President’s Achievement award.


Grit, heart, passion, driven, grateful and winner are just a few words to describe just how inspiring Krysten is. Her love for our AMP, articulation of our culture, combined with her teaching skills have positioned her to be a perfect fit as a Mentor Manager. Krysten’s work ethic is displayed each and every day and always raises her hand to help grow and inspire all those surrounding her near and afar. ‘The Shark’ as we call her eats up all opportunities presented, puts in long hours and pushes through the very valuable Golden Hours. Krysten’s consistent Golden Hours efforts each week have always put her ahead and always on offense when playing our sales game.


Krysten learned early on in Dwight, IL on how to truly maximize the sale, selling through each yes to another yes and always leaving with a well-informed no. Sell deep, sell to help and sell with heart. Most recently Krysten was part of our core Battle Plan and Strike Force team during the countries pandemic. During the countries lockdown, Krysten could not and would not be locked down with it. Krysten took this huge opportunity to grow through adversity and as the expression goes, “there is no better education than adversity.” Krysten have proven this as she averaged 15K in sales per month during this time and now in June as the world has opened up, ‘The Shark’ is on the attack! As of last night Krysten is over $17,000 in sales, 10 Print New, $9,045 in OPTIMA and $4,000 in GSV! That is one hungry ‘Shark’ in the Ocean of AMP.


Outside of work, Krysten is a competitive pool professional and competes at a very high level (like a room full of trophies level). Krysten loves reading and personally I love when she sends me a thoughtful text over the weekends from something that has inspired her. Krysten loves spending time with her dog, Jax, and is bringing a new pup home this week, Abel. In Krysten’s own words, “I love the camaraderie of AMP, the encapsulating culture and knowing that the leadership, from top down, to my own team members is always available to help” Krysten is genuinely appreciative and gives out so much good in the world. We are blessed and lucky to play on the same team!


Please join us in congratulating Krysten for her amazing first year of accomplishments and a well-earned promotion to Mentor Manager!


Congratulations, Krysten, on this well-deserved promotion!

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