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Churches, schools, municipal offices, non-profits, and park districts are among the many organizations that have benefited from our easy to find format in the local HomePages® Directories, as well as professional assistance with online presence and text marketing.


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Closeby® Text Marketing has been a life-saver for many civic organizations—in some cases, literally. Several municipalities have used our low cost text marketing program to reach out to residents and business owners when disaster strikes in the form of a tornado, hurricane, or even missing children. Of course, schools, park districts and churches more frequently use Closeby® Text Marketing to promote fun events, festivals, and community organizations.


Promote your Organization

Each HomePages® Directory is built to proudly represent the community it serves and the local business advertisers. Inside the directory, we include a popular quick reference section for community numbers such as churches, schools, local elected officials, ordinances, and park district. If you have additional information or organizational specifics we can include in the directory please let us know. We would love to showcase the people and organizations that make your community unique.



Tri County Schools
Wendy Schardt
Our online information was incorrect because our school had changed locations. Some Google searches showed us as permanently closed, or we did not come up at all. Signing up for OPTIMA™ was smooth and I only had to speak with our account manager 3-4 times. We are now showing up with complete and accurate information. I also love the photos. I am pleased to know that if people are looking, we will now show up!
A+ Childrens Academy
Michelle Rouland
I love OPTIMA™! I had searched "Best Preschools in Peoria" and my listing had popped up 3rd on Google! Out of all the preschools located in Peoria I could not be happier with what OPTIMA™ has done for my business. My account manager has been very helpful and answers my emails and calls right away. I am opening up a new business in a couple months and can't wait to sign up with OPTIMA™!

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