Brian Franczak


Joined AMP: 2007
College Attended: Indiana University, Business

“We learn to be better versions of ourselves here, hold ourselves to the highest accountability and never flail in our disciplines and routines, thus I and we as an organization keep thriving with success.”

Brian joined the HomePages® team in 2007 with limited professional sales experience, but was promoted into positions of increasing responsibility based on strong results and personal leadership. Brian started as an entry level sales representative, where he quickly distinguished himself as a strong and consistent member of the team. Then, he won a promotion to Senior Sales Rep role. He eventually became the District Manager for Northwest Indiana growing the market east into South Bend and opening the organization into Michigan. The aggressive growth, hiring and developing some great talent helped propel Brian to a Regional Manager at the end of 2011. With the Regional Manager role, Brian developed an award winning District Manager for the Northwest Indiana market and moved his attention to oversee Illinois operations as Vice President of Sales for the last several years.

“During more than a decade here with the AMP family, I couldn’t imagine growing with any other organization especially the growth I’ve seen in myself and a firm. AMP is as family knit as any corporation I’ve ever seen. The culture is encapsulating and I’m blessed to be around some of the most talented, sharpest and relentlessly tough professionals.”

Brian graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, a minor in Marketing, while traveling internationally to play soccer. Outside work, Brian spends time with his beautiful wife, daughter Olivia and son Max. A majority of that time is dedicated to coaching his kids’ soccer teams. In addition, Brian is an avid early morning runner and hits the gym in late evenings, though he does find time to relax and enjoys traveling with his family several weeks each year.

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