Brandi McGoldrick

Inside Sales Director

Joined AMP: 2003
College Attended: Eastern Illinois University, Communications

“The role of a great leader is not to give greatness to human beings, but to help them extract the greatness they already have inside them.” – J. Buchan

Brandi is the Director of Inside Sales, and runs the CloseBy® Text Marketing Digital Support and DeKalb Inside Sales Teams. She has worked in twelve different roles in the company in her fifteen years at AMP, and is known throughout the organization for her consistent success in building record breaking teams, and creating influential leaders. Brandi started her career at AMP as an entry level Field Sales Account Manager not long after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Eastern Illinois University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. She quickly became a top seller in the organization, and was promoted three times within her first year with the company. She successfully worked in both established and expansion markets, became a senior level sales rep, and field trainer. Brandi was then promoted to AMP’s Corporate Trainer, and ran the company’s training program for two and a half years, training both in the classroom and hands on in the sales field. She was then promoted to a District Sales Manager, successfully running a strong outside sales team for two years. Brandi then built the company’s Sales Support Team in the DeKalb Corporate headquarters, then helped create and develop CloseBy® Text Marketing, successfully driving both Text Marketing sales and retention from the ground up. Brandi then built the company’s Digital Claiming Team, the fulfillment team responsible for AMP’s Online Optima® program. Brandi also created the company’s first Inside Sales Team, driving record breaking sales performance for over a decade.

Brandi has cultivated and developed strong leaders in the business, and promoted five managers in the business under her influence. She has had a record of leading leaders to top performance in the organization including four award winning managers- two Rookie Manager of the Years, two Manager of the Years, and many award winning top sales representatives under her leadership.

Brandi is passionate about helping people grow and thrive in their careers and lives. For fifteen years she has enthusiastically coached people to create their own personal and professional success by activating their personal power. She considers it her life mission to help people actualize their innate potential, and to live more conscious, intentional lives. Outside of her work at AMP, Brandi is a mom of two, and finds joy in being with her kids, husband, and large, close-knit extended family. You can find her in her free time reading a good book, writing, or creating art.

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