Case studies.

Last updated: 10/05/2018

Move Unsold Inventory: CloseBy® Text empowers you to quickly sell the inventory you need to move.

Our text customers have had remarkable success in moving product on demand. Every retail business, at some point, faces the problem of Unsold Expiring Inventory. When you need to sell product quickly, text gets the word out fast to customers that want to know. When seasons change and you get in Exciting, Inspiring or Newly Arrived Inventory, CloseBy® Text lets you promote product that get your customers excited and motivated to come in and buy. CloseBy® Text Marketing customer Village Apples Market recently promoted a family pack of sirloin steaks for just $2.99/lb via their program. As a result they sold 700 pounds of steak for nearly $2100 in a matter of hours! Serious ROI, and typical of many clients.